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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today was a hard day to be gluten free

For breakfast, I lost my appetite. I got a bowl of cherries and a bag of pistachios instead, but still didn't really eat much.

For lunch, I split a little bit of leftovers with Jimmy, then later on for a snack I finished off the cherries.

I finally got my appetite back for dinner, and was all prepared for burgers and fries. BUT I forgot that I had no more fries. So while everybody else ate their burgers and mac and cheese, I ate my burger salad and some canned yams. Mm-mm-canned. Blech. Stupid hamburger salad and stupid canned yams. I feel like binging on carbs. Bad, evil, nasty, gluten-filled carbs.

The night wasn't a total loss, though. My hamburger salad is actually quite yummy. It's just that sometimes different isn't that fun. I don't want different, not today, no matter how yummy. I just want to be "normal".

In case you feel like trying something bizzare, but quite tasty, here's my recipe for hamburger salad. It's tangy and sweet. YUM.

On a bed of assorted greens (I use a spring lettuce and spinach mix), place a scattering of...
grilled onions,
green olives,
burger patty with provolone cheese (2 slices, with grilled onions between), and
top with balsamic viniagrette dressing, and eat!

Last time I made the salad with different toppings.
grilled onions,
grilled mushrooms,
bacon crumbles,
burger with colby jack cheese, and
raspberry viniagrette dressing.

This version was sweeter and heartier. I liked it, too.


Cheer up! Bread is for chumps!

PS You can also check out this hamburger salad and dressing recipe:


  1. Those hamburger salads sound delicious! Thanks for the recipes.

  2. Welcome back! I'll give your salad a try the next time we have burgers.


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