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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Joe Corbi's Fundraiser Cookies

I teach high school, and my husband is a kids pastor. As a result, I frequently have teens coming to me with Joe Corbi's fundraiser fliers.  Until recently, I've always had to say no, but this year, Joe Corbi has started offering gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.

I don't eat a lot of sweets anymore, but I finally broke down and - thanks to a friend's gift - I tried them today. 

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The dough had to thaw overnight before I could scoop it from the tub, but it scooped easily and smoothly.  I have always made my own cookies, so making these from a mix was a little odd for me.  They did taste a bit processed, but no more than a tube of Nestle mix does.  Overall, I would say these were yummy cookies, and I would be willing to get them again sometime.

Next time you see the fundraisers go buy, I hope you give them a try, too!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yum, Yum Pumpernickel, Pumpernickel Bread

Tonight when I was browsing the gluten-free freezer section at Bloom (my new #1 carrier of gf food), I found something I thought I could never have again.  Pumpernickel Bread!!! 

I absolutely LOVE pumpernickel bread, so I have to admit that while I practically did (yet another) happy dance in the Bloom aisle celebrating a good find, I was equally a little hesitant to try said good find.  What if it was really bad and killed all my happy memories of pumpernickel bread?!?  (Although, it could kill this one, and I wouldn't miss it a bit.)

But, hey!  Good news, everybody! 

It was great!  It was a little bubblier inside than I would have preferred, but the taste and texture were so good that I nearly opened the bag again and ate a few more.

If you go to the Against the Grain Gourmet website, they have a store locator you can use to see if their products are available in your area.  AGG currently does not ship directly to customers, but it is available in about 2/3 of the states. Go and find some.  It's very tasty.
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