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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pamela's Microwave Brownies

Yeah, that's what I said! Microwave brownies.

At the gluten-free food expo in DC this month, one of the many samples that Pamela's was handing out was a single serving packet of microwavable brownies. They did not disappoint. Pamela's brownies have long been my favorite GF brownie: great taste, awesome texture, easy to prepare, easy to make in a variety of ways, good counter life. They are just an overall great brownie. These little one minute brownies were just as good.

Yes! One minute!

I wished I had some ice cream to make a sundae with (one of my favorite things to do with a brownie), but even just alone, the warm brownie was perfect and delicious. They should be out in stores in September, so be sure to grab some. They are awesome. A perfect 10.

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