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Friday, February 5, 2010

My favorite bread

The Gluten Free Pantry French Bread is my all-time favorite (so far)!  

It is super-versatile, easy to mix, and consistent.  I tried a bunch of different breads when I was first diagnosed, and this one has stayed my favorite.  It tastes good, and I can pretty much make whatever I want to from it.

I have made dinner rolls, large loaves of bread, pizza crusts, and little loaves from this mix.

Most commonly, I make 2 small loaves from the mix.  Ironically, I have never made a baguette from this mix.  (because I don't have a baguette pan.)

Back when I used to bake anything and everything, all the time, I bought small loaf pans for making banana bread and zucchini bread (because that's what Grandma used, of course). 

These are the pans I use now for making this mix.  The one on the left is a regular sized bread pan.  The mix can make one of those if you want larger, sandwich sized bread.

I like the small loaves because I can slice one, wrap it tightly and freeze it.


Then I can eat the other.  I am the only person in the house who eats gluten free, so I don't usually make it through the whole loaf without freezing some. 

If you're looking for a good tasting bread with a nice texture that is good plain, toasted, or grilled or served as french toast, garlic bread, or straight from the oven, pick this one.  I love it.

What's your favorite?

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