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Monday, January 11, 2010

Triumph Dining has arrived!

If you were looking for the Triumph Dining banner from the original site, have no fear, I have transferred it over for you.  Ta-da!

I love Triumph Dining.  I agreed to be an affiliate for them because...
  1. They are a local company.  Their mailing address is  just up the road in Falls Church, VA.
  2. They have an excellent blog with all kinds of great product release info and links to products like grocery shopping guides and dining cards to help explain to servers and cooks what we need for healthy service.
  3. They have a great newsletter.  I do love reading through it and clicking on the links that interest me.
If you are new to this whole gluten-free thing or just looking for some fresh ideas or the latest news, check out Triumph Dining!  (Hint:  There's a link in the side listing that will take you directly to their blog.)

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